Festival Chorus

27 03 2009

If you haven’t had a chance to check out this festival, well then get your ass there because there’s only a few days left, since it ends on March 28th. I was lucky enough to get the chance to check out the talented franco-malienne singer Rokia Traoré on Tuesday. I was introduced to both by a new friend (well at least no one can accuse me of not keeping busy! lol), since I’d never heard of her, or the festival for that matter. Rokia’s performance blended a mixture of folk, jazz and African music. The vibe and performance of the show felt really new to me because other than listening to Antibalas (does this even count?!), Femi and Fela Kuti, I haven’t really listened to much African music, but I really liked her energy and voice.

Rokia Live

Rokia Live again

I was also impressed by the venue. The show took place at the Magic Mirror in La Défense. A very intimate venue which reminded of being at an old school circus, complete with a red velvet domed top ceiling. I always think of the circus as being something that’s typically French, which makes me reminisce about my childhood in Montreal. Maybe because of the Cirque du Soleil?

I’m continually blown away by the amount of festivals, shows and concerts happening in this city. The concert was about 10E, which was well worth it. However, for those of you on a tight budget, there are free shows happening at noon. I also meant to go see Peter Von Poehl because I’m loving the song “Forgotten Garden” at the moment (thank you Radio Nova!), but am ashamed to admit that I didn’t want to get out of bed because it looked like it was going to rain.

I’m also happy to say that I hope that I’ll be able to check out more this festival next year, since I didn’t hear about it until a week+ into it. I would have loved to have seen Abd Al Malik, Tahiti 80, Laurent Garnier, Dub Inc., and Yaël Naïm who all also performed. Particularly Abd Al Malik. I’m dying to see him live!

Anyone else know of any other festivals or shows happening in Paris (or even nearby) in the next couple of months that they want to recommend? I’m all ears :).




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3 03 2010

hey there…just catching up on some blogs. Saw your comment on mine…the company I’m using the for the whale watching is called Elding Travel or something like that. You can just google search “whale watching Iceland” though and there are quite a few different agencies that offer day trips. Mine cost 50 euros per person for a 3 hour trip, including pick-up at my hotel. I’ll definitely be writing about it when I get back from Iceland, so I’ll let you know how it went and if I recommend this particular tour!

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