Blame it on the rain

9 02 2009

I’m sure you all have been waiting with bated breath for a new post on how things have been going in Paris, so here’s a new post ;). Keeping this blog really takes writing discipline. Sometimes I find I’ll write something new and then for whatever reason never post it.

I had another job interview today. I’m so sick of job interviews and trying to sell myself to be what the company wants. I feel like Ethan Hawk’s character in the movie Before Sunset, when he’s telling Celine about his book tour and says, “I feel like such a huckster.” Well I feel like a huckster and I’m tired of selling myself. In the past 3 weeks since I’ve been here, I’ve been on  5 interviews. Yikes! Plus at the interview today they made me do a translation from English to French…so hard because my writing in French is not as good as it could be. And this interview was long! I was there for an hour…I don’t know if that’s a good thing or bad thing. That’s the worst part. I never know. Some places I’ve had the best feeling from the interview and never hear from them again, so I have no idea.

After the interview I spent the afternoon walking around even though it was pouring rain…such a bad idea. I wanted to walk to the American Church from where I interviewed (near Place d’Opéra) because the church has job postings. But I’m still somewhat unfamiliar with everything here and even with my map, I kept walking in circles! In heels! Finally I got to the church hours later, which I didn’t think would take that long, only to find there was nothing good listed and I was cold, wet and tired :(. When I planned it in my head the night before it seemed like a good idea because I knew I’d be walking through some of the prettiest landmarks in Paris and I wanted to take pictures. The only thing was the weather was so bad I didn’t take a single picture! Sadly that means no pictures for this post. oh well. For those of you still needing a photo fix, please feel free to orient yourself to my previous post where I posted pictures of a recent nighttime stroll on rue Georges V.

And lest you think my life has been filled with job hunting boredom, my social life is starting to come together nicely and I went to a house party this weekend. I loved the house, it was so typically French, complete with an empty bottle of Ricards liqueur used as a vase and a room filled with books from floor to ceiling. I had so much fun and there were lots of very attractive French boys there, but sadly I didn’t meet anyone. Most of the people were architects, since the person throwing the party works as an architect, so a very interesting crowd. However I drank way too much and spent all of the next day in bed with the worst hangover I’ve had in a really long time. But it was worth it! 😉

And for those of you that are interested or just curious, for my next post I will give you a more in-depth view of my life here including…drumroll…pictures of my apartment!

p.s. shoutouts to Milli Vanilli!




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10 02 2009

Omg! That sounds like the same thing that happened to me yesterday. I left Savigny-sur-orge with the intention of going to the Luxumberg museum and never made because I suck at finding anything that’s not right next to a metro stop. So then I walked around going into whatever museum I could– found Luxumberg hours later, but I was too cold and wet to continue(I’d already been to two different museums/monuments so I wasn’t in the mood for another anyway).

There are so many cute boys in Paris, but it is so hard to meet any of them. Gah!

Are you going to be free anytime this week? I’d love to hang out sometime as I’ve got tons of time and don’t know anyone here. 🙂

11 02 2009

How exciting! How I long to be in Paris… Keep the updates coming!

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